Champagne & Roses | 3 Tier Luxury Cake Recipe

So it seems spring has officially sprung, and I wanted to share with you my latest spring-inspired kitchen endeavour. We had a birthday celebration for Ollie's mum this past weekend and it was decided that all of the 'kids' and their partners would each produce a dish for the meal. To my delight, I was given the task of creating a dessert. I absolutely love to bake, so any opportunity for me to channel my inner Great British Bake Off contestant is a winner in my book!

Pink Champagne Rose Cake

After searching the web, I came across the Butter & Brioche blog, and I found the perfect show-stopper cake. I wanted this cake to be special; something pretty and sophisticated. So when I saw the recipe for the Pink Champagne, White Chocolate & Rose Layer Cake I was sold. 

Credit: Thalia @ Butter&Brioche Blog
I knew it was going to be an almighty challenge, but I was pumped to give it a go! I'm not going to make this post a full 'how to', so please do check out Thalia's blog if you want to see an in-depth method of how to create this beauty or any other of her bakes. On our walk with Bingo (that's my Corgi for anyone who doesn't know), Ollie and I came across a tree which had the prettiest flowers and I thought they'd be perfect to decorate the cake - so we may or may not have pinched a blossom... oops! Ingredients purchased and flowers at the ready, I was all set and ready to bake my heart out! 

Pink Champagne Rose Cake

Not only are each of the 3 layers of this cake soaked in a champagne, rose sugar syrup and then coated in a meringue, white chocolate, champagne and rose buttercream *swoons*, but this recipe also calls for the cake to be finished with a white chocolate drizzle. I have to say, this is certainly the richest cake I've ever made but the flavours are so delicate and light that it makes it really edible. 

Pink Champagne Rose Cake

After going through the motions of assembling; crumb-coating, frosting again and drizzling in white chocolate, this cake was just about ready for the finishing touches! I wanted to keep the decorating fairly simple, as I'd taken so much time and care over the baking and assembly that I really didn't want to risk ruining this cake at the last hurdle! I'm not the most confident when it comes to piping so I actually ended up piping my 'roses' onto some greaseproof paper and chilling them in the fridge. Once they'd set (after about 5 minutes or so) I used a palette knife to move them onto the cake and secured them with a little of the melted white chocolate. That method worked really well for me, so I'd definitely recommend trying that for anyone who struggles with piping like me! 

Pink Champagne Rose Cake

Et Voila! One very pretty cake (if I do say so myself!) If you're a fan of Turkish delight I think this cake will be a triumph in your book. The flavours are delicate, sweet and floral - perfect for spring celebration - perhaps even the perfect Easter Sunday cake? Although, this cake did take me a grand total of around 6 hours to complete, so it will require some TLC. What are your thoughts; too sweet or just right? I'd have to say I'm a little in between the two; I think this cake is gorgeous, and it really was delicious, but as its very rich its probably not your average tea-and-cake tipple. For a special occasion I think it's fab - and a wonderful centrepiece for any Spring table.

Pink Champagne Rose Cake

Would any of you give this one a go this Easter? Let me know!
And big props to Butter & Brioche Blog for this recipe! x

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