August Fashion/Accessories Wishlist

It's my birthday coming up, which got me thinking about wish lists... so I'd thought I'd share with you a few of my fashion favourites I've been lusting over recently!

1. Burberry Scarf

I’m not too sure why, but recently I’ve been craving a classic Burberry scarf. I’ve never been a huge fan of the print, but suddenly there’s a part of me that can’t help but think this is a new ‘must-have’ piece for my wardrobe! I’ve been checking a few out on eBay – and I can’t quite choose which I prefer out of  the traditional biscuit colour, grey or a pale blue … but at still about £100 or so, I think this purchase will have to wait!

Burberry Scarf
Image from ShopStyle on Pinterest

2. Jessica Buurman ASKAM Snakehead Bag

THIS. BAG. IS. EVERYTHING.  I have been lusting over this beauty ever since I saw the lovely Liv Harrould feature it in a YouTube video. It’s the perfect, glamourous black bag – something to dress up any and every outfit. It's the perfect Gucci Dionysus dupe, so I think if I’m gifted a bit of money I’ll definitely be putting it towards this bag!

Image: Jessica Buurman 

3. Accessorize Rose Gold Hoops

Now, I’m not a jewellery person, I find it more annoying than anything, and I find that earrings in particular really don’t suit me. I can just about get away with big hoops and some dangly ones though. Recently I’ve been loving the look of a chunky knit and hair-up (messily, of course) and hoops! So I saw these when googling rose gold hoops and they’re perfect – and at £3 a girl can’t complain!

Image: Accessorize

4. MissyEmpire Girlfriend Material Jumper

This is so cute! I saw this jumper on the lovely Melissa Harris (as featured in the picture) and fell in love! The ultimate insta-worthy, cozy jumper, in the prettiest pink colour. I'm such a sucker for oversized jumpers, so mixing that with a cool slogan is right up my alley! 

Picture credit: @MelissaHarris on Instagram

 5. NastyGal Slogan Tees

Speaking of slogans... I'm loving all the slogan tees currently featured on NastyGal. I've pictured my 3 top tees below; 1) Girls, 2) Naughty, 3) Fuck The Boys Club. I know they currently have a deal which is 2 for £20, so if I can decide on a forth top, I think I'll definitely be adding these to my wardrobe very soon! I feel like these would look great paired with some casual 'mom' jeans and trainers - simple, easy and effortlessly cool. 

Images: NastyGal

6. YSL Cardholder

I have been obsessed with the YSL cardholders ever since Sammie Maria showed her black mock-croc one in a YouTube video a few years ago. My boyfriend did actually buy me a YSL card holder last Christmas (he intended to buy the mock-croc one, but accidentally bought a different one! So we ended up sending it back, and we never ended up buying a replacement). God knows where the money for the original has gone *eye rolling emoji* - I’m so useless with money! So looks like I will need to save up for a while before I can get my hands on one of these…. Hmm there seems to be a trend with me liking things that I can’t afford! While thinking about this post, I went online to check out the cardholders, and oh wow they have a new (or at least me to me) grey mock-croc holder, which is to die for..

YSL Mock Croc Cardholder
Image: YSL

Are there any fashion pieces you have been lusting over recently? Clothes, jewellery or accessories.. I'd love to hear them! x

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