NIOD Photography Fluid Tan, Opacity 8%

I’m always on the hunt for face products to give me that healthy glow and will still cover my sins, without looking like I’ve slapped a bunch of muck on my face. I hate looking like a cakeface, and as someone with pretty dry skin, sometimes it’s pretty inevitable that by the end of the day I look like a crumbling cookie!

I discovered the NIOD Photography Fluid Tan while on a flight back from Ibiza, (I think it’s safe to say after that trip my skin was looking a little lack-lustre anyway!), and at the affordable price of £17 I thought, why not give it a go.

NIOD Photography Fluid Tan, Opacity 8%
NIOD Photography Fluid Tan, Opacity 8%

The NIOD Photography Fluid Tan is specifically designed for (as the name would suggest) use with photography. The nature of this product being designed to look flawless through a camera lens means you're guaranteed a flawless finish. This product aims to combine light refraction prisms with topical photo-finishing technologies which transform skin to look instantly better in life and on camera. As a blogger/Youtuber (who frequently finds themselves in front of a camera) the idea of a product which could give me a glowing, tanned and perfected skin was the dream - and I was all about giving it a try! 

As soon as I tested this bad boy out I knew it was going to be my new staple face product. The iridescent golden-toned liquid glides across the skin effortlessly (I apply mine with my fingertips – I haven’t ever tried it on a brush as I feel fingers do the job!). I do feel like it oxidises slightly on the skin, so I’d recommend applying then waiting a few seconds to see if you need to add any more. I mean, we don’t want to end up like an umpa-lumpa do we? (And trust me; I’ve done that a few times after being too liberal with it!) I tend to add slightly more to my cheeks just to even everything out. The golden tone of this product gives you the most beautiful, natural looking tan which is perfect for someone who wants to even out their skin tone but doesn’t need really heavy duty coverage. I apply the Photography Fluid Tan and then add in some concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes, add a little powder and I’m all set … (literally!)

I’ve already dedicated a full YouTube video to this product, showing my No Foundation Perfect Skin Routine, so if you would like to see how I apply it and all that good stuff you can see that video hereBelow is a screen grab of said video so you can see at a glance just how beautifully it sits on the skin.

NIOD Photography Fluid Tan
NIOD Photography Fluid Tan with no foundation 
I have the Opacity 8%, which as far as I can tell is related to the level of tan (but please correct me if I’m wrong!) I know they also sell Opacity 12%, which NIOD recommend to use in conjunction with this the 8% if you want to do a natural contour. I’ve yet to try that one out, but as this one was just a success, I think I might just have to pick it up and give it a whirl. While the staying power isn’t quite as long as a typical foundation, I think I still prefer this product as it wears far more naturally into the skin. You’re not going to come to the end of the day and find a patchy mess across your face. I find if I set with a powder this product will last for most of the day, and the added concealer helps to maintain any coverage I require. 

I think this product typically retails for around £22 (I got my slightly cheaper as it was duty-free) but hey, if you’re off on your holidays keep an eye out in the in-flight catalogue for it! Alternatively, you can also grab one here, if you'd like to give it a go for yourself! x

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