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Recently, I’ve been trying to become more conscious about the food I’m eating, and more importantly, where that food comes from. I’ve been finding myself making little changes towards more plant-based options and so I thought I’d share with you a super simple plant-based dinner I created the other day

This is a low-calorie, yet filling and nutritious, meal which uses ingredients which will provide multiple servings – so it’s economical too! This was one of those dishes where I just threw it all in a pot and let it do its thing! Quick, simple and tasty. 

Planted-Based Dinner Recipe: Vegetable Lentils, Salsa & Butternut Squash
Planted-Based Dinner Recipe: Vegetable Lentils, Salsa & Butternut Squash
-          Butternut Squash
-          Vegetable Stock Cube
-          Mr Organic Lentil Mix *
-          Red Kidney Beans
-          Soya Beans (frozen)
-          Sweet Corn (frozen)
-          Tomato
-          Red Onion
-          Basil 
-          Sunflower Seeds (garnish)
*The lentils I used were a packet I bought from Sainsburys by the brand Mr Organic and they include; Red Lentils, Yellow & Red Split Lentils, Green Split Peas, Green Mung Beans, Pearl Barley, Pearl Spelt.

I chopped the butternut squash and seasoned before baking. I tend to stick to the sample spices as I’m a creature of habit, but feel free to add in more or switch these around depending on your preferences!

-          Chop the butternut squash (I leave the skin on – but feel free to remove!), drizzle with a small about of extra virgin olive oil and add a sprinkling of desired spices. I used; smoked paprika, garlic granules, chilli flakes and cumin (salt & pepper, too!)
-          Bake at 200 C until tender and darkened around edges. 
-          Add lentils into a pot and cover with water. Add in a veg stock cube and any additional spices to the water (again I used some smoked paprika, garlic granules, chilli flakes). Bring to the boil and then allow the water to cook on simmer until the lentils are tender. 
-          Add in your sweetcorn, soya beans and kidney beans to the water to allow them to cook slowly. (My sweetcorn and soya beans were frozen, and I added them into the pot straight from frozen – I told you this dish was lazy!
-          My Red Kidney Beans were already cooked (as my boyfriend used the other half) but feel free to follow the cooking instructions on the tin. (It’s usually a case of cooking them in their juice and straining).
I didn’t use any specific measurements for this recipe as I just eye-balled everything.

Once everything was cooked, I dished into a bowl and added in a raw ‘salsa’ – which was cherry tomatoes, red onion and some fresh basil (a fave of ours!) Finally, I topped with some sunflower seeds, for a little added crunch. Yum!

Planted-Based Dinner Recipe: Vegetable Lentils, Salsa & Butternut Squash
Planted-Based Dinner Recipe: Vegetable Lentils, Salsa & Butternut Squash

I enjoy making dishes which are plant-based, but its sometimes tricky to know where to start. I think this dish is super tasty, and I frequently make variations of it to take for my lunch at work and it helps that its incredibly easy too - perfect for those brain-dead evenings after a long day at work! 

If you’re keen to give some more plant-based options a try, definitely give this dish a go and let me know what you think x 

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