Should Fashion Bloggers Have a Certain "Look"?

Does a Fashion Blogger need to have a 'certain look'?

As someone who has never particularly liked having their photo taken, I find bringing the new addition of fashion content to my socials extremely difficult. I envision how I would style a piece and how I would like the overall picture to come out, but struggle to execute the image. For a while I would wonder why – I thought that I just couldn’t ‘do’ fashion, as if it was a skill you were either born with or not – but then I realised, the pictures never turn out the way I imagine because I don’t look like that in real life. 

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Perhaps it’s the influx of Instagram accounts pumping out all of this incredible styling content that has given me this false perception of what a styling or fashion blogger ‘should’ look like. Or maybe it’s just society in general fuelling the angry fire that says your self-worth comes from your dress-size. 

The other day I came across a fashion Instagram account which belonged to a girl who was of average build – not slim, not large… Just your very normal average girl (I’d say probably a size 14 for reference), and I remember actually thinking “wow, good on her for posting fashion content” … What? How f*cked up. I genuinely can’t believe that my brain had the audacity to even think something like that. And that’s when it hit me; that’s why I don’t post fashion content myself. I’m not confident that my images will be accepted. So, I've played it safe and limited my fashion content to flat-lays. 

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Fashion, like makeup, is an expression of style and personality. So why should fashion be reserved for the few? The answer is, it shouldn’t be it isn’t. It’s my own self-doubt and messed up opinions that are holding me back from posting about the top I just bought, or how I like to style my leather jacket. I’d like to hear your opinions on this one, as I feel like this is probably a common misconception among women. 

Do you think a lot of fashion bloggers have a similar build/frame?

Or do you follow fashion accounts of varying sized women? 

Have you ever caught yourself thinking the same as me; 
- Either good-on someone who posts fashion content despite not having the typical ‘fashion’ look
- Or that you, yourself, don’t post this type of content due feeling like you don’t have the ‘right’ look

While I can appreciate the beautiful images of many of the fashion accounts that I follow, I know that in reality I would find it a lot more helpful to follow accounts of women that have similar bodies to me. We are all different shapes and sizes; some pear, some apple and so on… So why do I persistently follow accounts of girls who are entirely different to me? I need to re-evaluate why it is that I think I don’t look good because I don’t look like them. And this post isn’t about shaming any body types – honestly, I think all of these girls look fantastic! It’s just become clear to me that I’ve got quite a na├»ve opinion linked to fashion. We all wear clothes (unless you’re a nudist or something, but you get what I mean) – so why am I not allowing myself to enjoy fashion? 
There’s a reason there’s the age old advise of dress for your body shape . Fashion is for everyone, and styling clothes in a way that makes you feel like the sassy AF queen that you are should be fun!

You do you, boo. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one, and thank you for reading! x

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