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Having made the transition from a lay-about student to someone in a full-time job, I’ve realised now more than ever how important it is to create some time during the week to dedicate to yourself; not your job, not your chores - just ‘being’, rather than ‘doing’. 

I personally really value self-care to contribute to my sense of fulfilment, and when I don’t ensure I have some time to dedicate to myself (away from all the noise of the work and the world around it), I notice it takes a real toll on my overall happiness.

I recently discovered the practice of yoga and I honestly can say it’s been a bit of a revelation.  I never thought yoga would really be my ‘thing’ – I just didn’t get it. But after having a few weeks of feeling a little lost, and like my life was revolving around work, I decided to bite the bullet and do something different - attend a class. The idea of attending a yoga class alone absolutely terrified me – I like routine, which means I like familiarity, so going somewhere completely new made me feel quite vulnerable.  However, I quickly noticed if you are going to attend any fitness class alone, yoga is probably the best one! It is an introverted practice and everyone is very open, warm and accepting.

Yoga allows time to switch off and re-centre. I feel like it creates that balance between your world and your self. After my first session, I felt fantastic. I felt calmer, happier and more fulfilled – I could not believe how much of an impact a short 45-minute class had made. It was safe to say, after that session, I was hooked.

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I do find the sessions are a little on the expensive side and, as the yoga studio is fairly small, the class schedule can be a bit limited, meaning it does not always fit with my working week (– or budget!) So, I’ve been looking for ways to recreate the practice at home and I thought I’d share my methods with you!

I practice in my bedroom, as I have a good amount of space in there and can set up in front of my mirror which I like as it means I can check my form.

I light a candle around 20 minutes before I intend to practice, to allow the scent to fill the room. I have been looking into getting an aromatherapy diffuser too, but for now, a candle works just fine (and it gives a nice glow to the room!) The candle I am loving at the mo is Sand & Fog Chai (purchased from TK Maxx – and so amazing for this time of year!) You may be able to find this in your local TK Maxx or HomeSense (if you're lucky!) but if not, I do know that Sand & Fog are due to be opening their own online shop soon... with lots of demand for the Chai candle already!

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I have a yoga mat, but if you don’t you can use a soft blanket or towel. I sometimes use just the blanket, just the mat, or combine the two. I lay out the mat/blanket and pop on some quiet yoga meditation music on my laptop or phone (I’ll list a few of my favourites at the end of this post). 

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Before my practice, I like to have a hot bubble bath – again, with some candles and relaxing music. I find this to be a nice buffer between “real life” and the switched-off state of the yoga, as it allows some time to unwind before the yoga begins. I also feel like it helps to warm the muscles, which will help prepare the body to stretch. 

I do have some bath-time essentials which I swear by for relaxation …whether you are practicing yoga or not!
  • Johnsons & Johnsons Bedtime Baby Bath Bubble Bath 
  • Johnson & Johnsons Bedtime Baby Lotion
  • Lush Sleepy Moisturiser (more nourishing option)
  • Lush Twilight Body Spray
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I try not to engage in anything in between the bath and starting the yoga, i.e. no scrolling on Instagram or Facebook – to try to keep my mind clear.

I make sure to dress is comfortable, soft clothes - usually loose loungewear or pjs.

I have been following videos from Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (I try to pick out the video I want to follow when I am initially setting up the room, so I don’t have to sit looking for one when I’m ready to start the yoga). If you're new to yoga and plan on following an online video I would recommend a deep stretching or meditative video to ease yourself in gently. Likewise, if you're wanting to attend a class I would recommend either Yoga Nidra or Restorative Yoga first of all, as these have a slower pace and are more catered to beginners.

really enjoy doing this at-home routine just before going to sleep. It really does help to keep you relaxed and encourage you disconnect from the digital world, meaning a wonderful nights sleep is guaranteed.

YellowBrickCinema provide great yoga playlists, 3 of which I have listed here; 1 , 2 , 3

If you practice Yoga, at-home or in a class, I'd love to hear your favourite ways to practice and classes you would recommend!


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