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It's been a hot minute since I've written a blog post, I guess life's just ran away from me these past months, but I have a lot I'm keen to share with you.. the first being my Yoga retreat in Ibiza!

You know the Universe has that funny way of providing you with opportunities for exactly what you actually need in life? Well that's sort of how I stumbled across the lovely Kelly (@goodyogalifeuk) from GoodYogaLife and her retreats. I'd never really considered going on a yoga retreat before, being only a few months deep into my yoga practice, but when I saw her post for her upcoming retreat in Ibiza something just drew me in - it was perfect. 

"It’s your time to rejuvenate and energise your body and mind, meet wonderful new people, improve your yoga practice, feel inspired, reset and recharge, laugh lots and experience the Good Yoga Life here on this magical Balearic island."

Teas, coffee & juices
Morning 75mins vinyasa yoga & meditation
Plentiful vegetarian breakfast brunch
Free time to walk to secluded cove, swim, chill, read, sunbathe, journal, massages and treatments or whatever you desire!
Massages and beauty treatments (optional)
Late afternoon 75-90mins yoga class/workshops
Delicious veggie dinner & wine
After dinner fun & chats

Life had left me lost and broken, and it was as if the Universe was just giving me that nudge to say Trust Me. So in one swift click it was booked.

On arrival to Ibiza, we had 1 night before heading to our retreat villa so naturally the first thing to do is go and grab a drink on the sea front. This is the first and only selfie I took on the entire trip, and I thought I'd include in it this post because I feel like  despite the little smile you can really see my sadness in this picture. I knew this retreat would help me find myself again, but I could never have imagined just how incredible and influential it would be for the happiness I feel right now as I'm typing this post.

The following morning some of us Yogis met in town and shared a taxi to the villa. Instantly everyone was so warm and caring, and in that moment I knew I'd made the right decision. 

Our villa was nothing short of magical. Stone steps opened onto a breathtaking view of an infinity pool overlooking an incredible open view of the sea. The iconic buddha statue lead us down onto a hidden seafront terrace, perfect for our sunrise yoga sessions and our sound healing Yin practice. 

Sound Healing Yin Practice
On arrival we were greeted by Kelly, of course, and we were also introduced to the beautiful Kim (@KimHartwell) our second yoga teacher of the trip. Both of these ladies are incredible, they put such heart and soul into their work and have such beautiful, positive energies. Both run retreats and also classes in London and I'd highly recommend you checking out their Instagram pages for more information on their schedules.  

We were also lucky enough to be completely catered for. The wonderful Adele (@FieldOfGoodness) created incredible vegetarian meals for us for the entire stay. She said she liked to focus on good, wholesome foods to nourish the body - and that she did! 

I could ramble on for hours recounting each detail of this trip, but I think that would never do it justice. I just hope that if you are considering venturing on a yoga retreat, this post will encourage you to take the leap. Practicing yoga with a group of like-minded people in front of the ocean at sunrise is a feeling unlike any other, gaining perspective and a true sense of inner peace is just a few of the amazing things this trip did for me. 

I think that was one of the most precious things this trip gave me, it showed me just how kind and giving people can be. Everyone on this retreat had such loving souls, it was honestly like nothing I'd ever experienced in life before. It was like being surrounded by pure, wholehearted goodness on every level. 

Although the retreat was short, it was oh so sweet. This final picture is of our last night in the villa. My happiness is quite literally bursting out of me - and I can only thank Kelly and Kim for that. They provided a safe space for healing and growth, and created happiness in the process. 

For all of the wonderful people I experienced, and for the time I took to honour myself, I am endlessly grateful. 

And now I have the retreat bug and I'm already craving my next one!

If you've been on the fence about whether to try out a retreat holiday, I'd whole heartedly recommend it. I couldn't have had a better experience on mine, and if you're tempted but unsure which one is right for you perhaps a retreat with Kelly and Kim would be a great place for you to start! 

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